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Salford Food Bank

We are supporting Salford Food as part of our community outreach work at Worsley Road. Please help us to support local people in need.

Salford Food Bank is facing challenging times as the current financial situation worsens and more people are in need of food banks each week.

Please keep bringing your donations to church and putting them in the new large black food box in the porch area.

The following items are always needed but currently the food bank is running short of Instant Mash potato and sandwich spreads. 

 Instant mash,tinnedmeatand vegatables make a nutritious meal that can be microwaved in minutes or in a pan which helps to save on gas and electric costs.


Instant mash potatoes  Sandwich spreads   Breakfast cereals  Soup

Pasta  Tooth paste  Pasta sauce   Snacks

Tinned beans  Tinned meat     Toiletries   Biscuits

Tinned vegetables  Tinned fruit  Tea or coffee   Rice 

Sanitary towels and tampons (unopened packs)



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