Thursday 1st – Friday 9th April



This treasure hunt has 11 houses and you need to look in the window of each or on the garage door and there will be a lovely coloured letter. Write down all the letters and when you get to the end of the treasure hunt see if you can make two words (linked to the title of this hunt) out of all the letters you have. When you’ve worked it out shout out the phrase as loud as you can - and an Easter egg will hopefully appear in your grown-up’s pocket for you! 

We hope you have lots of fun following the Easter Trail, but please remember to follow social distancing government guidelines. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.


THE START = Church grounds on Worsley Road, look around and see all the nice Easter decorations. When you are ready to start, cross Worsley Road at the crossing in front of Wallworks Opticians, please be careful. Turn left and head for the second road on the right Ashley Drive.


Walk on the left side of Ashley Drive and from the bottom count 6 houses and you will see the first letter. Write down the letter you see.



Only a short few bunny hops to go to the next house. Bounce up the street past a couple of houses and look out for a fluffy rabbit in the window with the next letter.



Stay on the left and walk to the top of Ashley Drive, turn left and stay on the left, only a short walk around the corner and look for some more Easter bunnies and eggs in the window too.



No time to stop eating Easter eggs, go back to the top of Ashley Drive but don’t head back down here keep walking straight and follow Ashley Crescent and find house number 35.



Turn left and head to Wentworth road, turn right, walk down the right side of the road and then take your second right Lyndale Avenue. This is a nice quiet road so you may want to do some bunny hops to get to the next house. Look for the pale green front door and you are there.




Go back to Wentworth Road, turn right and head down to Worsley Road, walk to the crossing where you started and cross back over, turn left and walk a short distance, look for a dirt track on the right, a really big tree and the first house after this is where you need to be.



Turn back along Worsley Road towards church and turn left down Houghton Lane (HL). 

Cross carefully to the right side of HL and walk to Tranquillity tea room and turn right after this. Walk on the right, look for the public footpath sign then count 2 houses from this, look for a garage door with black and white stripes like a zebra or humbug sweet.



Turn around and back to HL, cross over and walk down HL, not the first road on the left keep looking for the 2nd road on the left. This is the perfect stretch to tell a few Easter jokes: 


How does the Easter bunny stay fit? Eggs-ercise and Hare-obics

What do you call an egg from outer space? Egg-Stra terrestrial

Where does the Easter bunny do his shopping? Tesco Egg-stra

Why was the Easter bunny so upset? He was having a bad hare day

The name of the drive you are looking for is where Easter bunnies live underground. Look for a house with a blue garage door with a really big poplar tree facing it.



Go back to HL, cross over and walk up the left side, count 3 roads on the left and, think about the name of a Safari Park and you should be at the right drive, stay to the left and count 4 houses along. Do a chicken impression when you reach there.




Back onto HL, turn left, stay on the left and take first road on the left. If you were lucky enough to have 30 Easter eggs and you gave 5 away to your friends then how many eggs would you still have? This is the house number you need to walk or bunny hop to.




Look at the road opposite where you are and walk straight ahead onto Stott Road, walk to the end of this to Worsley Road and turn right heading back to church on the right side going past the bus shelter. If you saw 300 Easter bunnies in a field and then the farmer brought another twenty, add these numbers together and this is the house number you are looking for.



THE FINISH = Back to church. Now work out the two-word phrase and shout it out as loud as you can. Hopefully an Easter egg will magically appear in your grown-up’s pocket.


Thanks for joining in the Treasure Hunt. Hope you have all had fun. Enjoy Easter.



NOTE TO ADULTS- You may wish to bring along some chocolate/easter eggs as a surprise 

treat for your Treasure Hunters completing the trail as we cannot provide any on this occasion. Hopefully next year.




Our doors may be closed at the moment but our church is definitely open.  We are still very much here for our community and our church welcomes everyone. 


Sunday services are currently held on Zoom at 10:45 am and details are found on our website For people without a computer, these services can be accessed by a telephone landline. 


We also have a Children’s Church Zoom session every Sunday before the service, starting at 10 am, for children and young people with their parents/carers. We have lots of fun, with a mix of crafts, music, games and stories. Please email for details via 


Feel free to check out the website for more info or join the Facebook Group using the name Worsley Road URC to keep up to date. 








Road names in case the clues are not clear enough, or if anyone wants to go around the treasure hunt in a different order to the clues.


1. Ashley Dr
2. Ashley Dr

3. Ashley Dr
4. Ashley Crescent
5. Lyndale Ave
6. Worsley Rd
7. Brentwood Rd
8. Warren Dr
9. Knowsley Dr
10.Oaklands Rd
11. Worsley Rd


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